About Me

Hey there!! Welcome to my brave & beautiful journey! My name is AnaLisa. I am the candle maker and creator of Ambitious Vibes Candle Co. 
As a single mom, I know firsthand how overwhelming life can be.
Candle making initially began as a form of self care to get through the difficult time of being a healthcare worker during the pandemic.
I made the decision to turn my therapeutic hobby into a business with the goal of being able to work from home due to the continuous struggle of searching for dependable childcare.
It was important for me to focus my brand around empowering women by recognizing the hurdles that we overcome, and to celebrate how powerful that makes us.
I was raised surrounded by many strong and independent women, which has molded me into the ambitious woman I am today. 
My goal is to encourage and inspire other women and girls to chase after the life they desire, no matter their circumstances.