About Us

As a single mom, I know firsthand how overwhelming life can become.
Candle making initially began as a form of self care to get myself through the difficult time of being a healthcare worker during the pandemic.
The process of creating the perfect creamy, smooth topped candles with the most luxurious scents has been extremely therapeutic for me.
As for the brand, Ambitious Vibes Candle Co, it was extremely important for me to honor STRONG, INDEPENDENT women who PERSEVERE through everyday life when things get tough.
I know these women because I am one of these women. I know these women because I was raised by these women. 
I would like the purchase of every one of my candles to be a form of SELF HONOR for my customers. Not only honoring themselves, but also as a gift to other women who deserve the same.
A portion of every sale will be donated towards investing in and building up other women.