Empowering Women, One Candle At A Time

Ambitious Vibes Candles were purposely created to serve as so much more than just aromatherapy. The deeply personal messages on the back labels of our candles are a very important part of our mission. These special words are meant to speak to and relate to one’s life experiences. Because of the connections I have made with so many women since the start of my business, I know very well that my customers are survivors and overcomers with their own life stories, which is something I can relate to. This is why our candles are so often gifted between friends and loved ones. I’d love to share with you some amazing stories of life circumstances that have been shared with me, that our candles have been bought or gifted for. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for revealing your powerful stories behind your Ambitious Vibes Candle purchases and I look forward to connecting with so many more of you.





The Ambitious Candle has been such a popular choice for parents gifting this to their their high school graduates going off to college, which is so amazingly sweet and thoughtful. Another set of parents explained that their daughter was pursuing a singing career in LA, and they wanted to give this to her as a show of their support after they struggled with the thought of letting her go off on her own. I also met a doctor that was extremely passionate about her purpose, who purchased this candle for her own office. The Ambitious Candle is a great candle to be gifted between friends. One woman purchased it for her friend that finally landed her dream job that she worked so hard for, another for a friend who was nervous about relocating across country, and another to show her support for a friend who had just started her own business. 




One story that really stood out to me for the Brave Candle was a young woman purchasing it for her friend that she helped escape a domestic abuse relationship, and was starting her life over with her two small children. I also spoke to a mother who shared with me that she was buying this candle for her daughter that was currently battling with mental health struggles, and another woman who gifted this to her friend that she revealed was going through a cancer scare. 





I learned that the Warrior Candle deeply resonated with a mother whose young child had passed from a terminal illness, a woman learning how to walk again after a spinal cord injury, and a single mother who was struggling with her own mental health. I also spoke with a daughter who purchased this candle for her mom after learning about her story of surviving sexual abuse. She said they always had a rocky mother/daughter relationship and that for the first time after hearing her story, she saw her as a real person, not just as her mom. 





A woman shared with me that she worked in a male dominated corporate environment where she often felt inferior to her colleagues, even though she worked so hard to climb the corporate ladder, so she purchased the Powerful Candle for her office to remind herself that she is worthy and deserving of being there just as well as anyone else. Another story that really touched my heart is a conversation I had with a mother about her daughter who had past struggles with suicidal ideations. She purchased the Powerful Candle for her in hopes that it would serve as an encouraging message of all that she has overcome and all that is possible for her future. 





I have noticed that the Strong Candle has been gifted between friends many times when one of them is going through a divorce or break up. A sweet woman shared with me her powerful story of leaving a 25 year toxic and abusive marriage to a narcissist, and the extensive therapy she was currently going through. 





The Beautiful Candle is another candle that is often purchased not only as a gift to friends, but also for women themselves who are going through a difficult break up or divorce process. I have had many husbands gift this to their wives for an anniversary or birthday. I will never forget a mom who shared with me that this candle was a gift for her teenage daughter who was truly suffering from her struggles with body dysmorphia.


The intention I have with Ambitious Vibes Candles, is to portray the message that: I see you, I understand you, and I care about you. This is also the message that I intend to be given between friends and loved ones when you are gifting these candles to each other.

So, which Ambitious Vibes Candle do you feel empowered by the most, and who in your life do you know that deserves to be empowered by Ambitious Vibes Candle Co?